Dear Rock Lyrics – Blueface

Dear Rock Lyrics: the song is sung by Blueface & Chriseanrock, and has music given by Blueface & Young Mackey while Blueface, Chriseanrock & Young Mackey has written the Dear Rock lyrics translation in English. The “Dear Rock” song is from the “English Album” starring Blueface & Chriseanrock. The Music Label is blueface bleedem for this song Dear Rock Lyrics.

Dear Rock Lyrics

Dear Rock Lyrics 

Dear Rock
I’m Sorry For What I Did To Yo’ Pops,
But He Hit Me First, So He Had That Comin’ ’cause
I Really Been Through A Lot
And I’ll Be Damned If I Let Another N!gga Take My Spot
I’m Yo’ Daddy Now, He Can’t Change Nothin’ But The Top
Baby, We Could Be Superstars

It Feel Like Yesterday, First Time We F#cked Said I Was Super Hard
My Lil’ Crazy B!tch, How You So Smart, But You Got Stupid Scars
I Know We Damaged Baby, But If You’ll Be Mine,
I’ll Be Yo’ Bandage Baby, I’m Tired Of Thotiana,
I’ll Settle Down With A Stand-up Lady
If You Want To Be Family, Then Have My Baby
This My Last Time Writin’, Sincerely, Blueface Baby (Yeah, Aight)
Yours Truly

Hey Daddy, I Was Thinkin’ ’bout The Same Thing
When You Had A Baby With Me, I Just Couldn’t Swallow The Pain
’cause The Love That You Had, It Wasn’t For Me
Now I’m So F#ckin’ Glad We Ready For Things (Ready For Things)

I Know The Last Time I Wrote You I Told You
It’d Be The Last Time I Wrote You, But It’s Not
And I Know Yo’ Father Ain’t Sorry For What He Did To Me
Or The Role He Played In That Situation,
He Just Sorry He Got Caught

’cause If I Was Him, And He Was Me,
I Would Understand What’s Wrong And What’s Not
’cause If My Daughter Put Her Hands On A Man,
I Would Tell Her First That She Got To Stop

’cause I Won’t Hit No Women First,
But I’ll Hit A B!tch Back Without A Thought, Damn (Damn)
This Shit So Cold, Yeah
Feel It In My Soul, Yeah
Bring That B!tch Back From The Top

Dear Rock Song Details:

Song: Dear Rock
Band/Singer: Blueface & Chriseanrock
Lead Vocals: Blueface & Chriseanrock
Lyrics: Blueface, Chriseanrock & Young Mackey
Music: Blueface & Young Mackey
Music Label: blueface bleedem
Video Director: Dave Polo Production & Gold Films Cinema
Featuring: Blueface & Chriseanrock
Release Date: January 28, 2023

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