Can We Kiss Forever Lyrics – Kina (ft. Adriana Proenza)

Can We Kiss Forever Lyrics Kina, Adriana Proenza Song Lyrics is available in this article. All the English music lovers, check out the latest English song ‘Can We Kiss Forever‘ sung by ‘Kina’. To know more about the song ‘Can We Kiss Forever Lyrics‘ from ‘Kina’, enjoy the Lyrics. Check out the LYRICSRAM English Music Lyrics section for more English songs Lyrics and Kina, Adriana Proenza songs Lyrics. On the mood ring, God sings about the process of trying to be emotionally and spiritually connected to himself and the world.

Can We Kiss Forever Lyrics – Kina

[Verse 1]
I tried to reach you, I can’t hide
How strong’s the feeling when we dive
Across the ocean of my mind
My wounds are healing with the salt
All my senses intensified
Whenever you and I, we dive
Across the ocean of my mind
But in the end, I drown
You pushed me down, down
(You pushed me down, down)
(You pushed me down, down)


[Verse 2]
All the shame
When you called my name
I felt pain
When you came


Can We Kiss Forever Song Details

  • Song – Can We Kiss Forever
  • Artist – Kina, Adriana Proenza
  • Album – Healmp Part.1
  • Written By – Kina

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Can We Kiss Forever Song (FAQ’s)

  • Who is the male singer in the song Can We Kiss Forever?

    This song male singer is Kina.

  • Who wrote the lyrics of “I tried to reach you” song?

    Kina written the “Can We Kiss Forever Lyrics”.

  • Who gave the music of Can We Kiss Forever Song?

    The music of this song was given by Kina.